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......You can catch more of my work and read a recent interview I did for Brenda Magazine, Issue 3: RED along with a feature on 'The Goddess Sittings' for the

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Last summer I produced a range of portraits and art works, as well as some scenic painting, that feature in the drama series 'Sex Education' that is currently showing on Netflix. I also produced a series of abstract landscape paintings for the BBC, HBO adaptation of Phillip Pullman 'His Dark Materials' that will air in 2020


Images of the individual works for 'Sex Ed' can be viewed on the 'Commissions' page, images of the work for 'His Dark Materials' will be up once the show is aired.

I am currently on residency in the USA with the 'The Goddess Sittings' - an ongoing project inspired by, and dedicated to, the incredible women who have reached out to be part of my ever expanding body of work.


During my time here i have been meeting, and working with, a host of Goddesses, and creating works based on my 5 weeks in Connecticut and New York.

I have held oil painting demos at local gallery 550 and Woodhall Boys School.



See The Goddess Sittings page for more details.....

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Listen to the recent interview i did with Jenna from Somerset Cool on Frome fm when she came to the studio to talk about 'The Goddess Sittings' and my upcoming American adventure....


(click the link and go to 31st March 2019)

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'Portrait of Frome' project by Photographic Artist Tom Hull